Casting A Bronze Axe

Casting A Bronze Axe

Casting A Bronze Axe

Posted by UNILAD Tech June 12, 2018, 7:15 p.m.

This axe looks incredible 😍

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  2. The shock of the strike will not be absorbed and it will transfer right into your hand...terrible idea!

  3. I wax carved and cast this ring in sterling silver using the exact same technique

  4. And you butchered a tree 🌲 while explaining that

  5. Acually the heavy weight of the metal arm compared to the wood one will make you tired faster.

    More mass to left. More work to do.

  6. That won’t last long! There is a reason they normally steel brass/bronze may have a lower Melting point than steel but bronze is just copper and zinc so will just buckle the axe you will constantly sharpening the bloody thing!

  7. Cuando ves una imperfección en el producto lo vuelves a fundir y lo haces bien ,ese fallo al final del mango es una chapuza

  8. Or could just go buy a better ax made in China for 8 dollars that's made out of steel and save a day of work.

  9. Just to show his axe he cut the tree shame

  10. Big hole on the right side of it...

  11. the axe is good. chopping that tree was unnecessary. value trees.

  12. Cuting down that tree was not cool at all just for fun 😕

  13. He knocks the axe off the table and cuts his leg @ 10:40

  14. Bad and sad ending.. you cut the tree..

  15. yes. An extremely heavy axe made of soft metal

  16. Cómo obra de arte.. Excelente.. Pero cortar el árbol arruinó todo

  17. Maxime Spinelli methode de fonderie par coulée en moule de sable!! meilleure trempabilité donc meilleure transformation martensitique metal plus dur!!!!!

  18. Paul this is why you need a forge in your garage

  19. Same technique as casting jewellery but on a bigger scale

  20. i thought its a game trailer at first glance. hahaha.

  21. He'll regret it when it turns back into T1000

  22. Pro tip, stick your hand in the melted bronze to check it's hot enough.

  23. Só serve pra bonito mesmo! Reter um fio que é bom, nada!

  24. Ernst Fiskå Tenke hvis dåkk kunne gjort det på vattland før i tiå hadde de vert goe lokalforretning?

  25. He should have done that with smaller pieces of dirt

  26. Nicholas Keene we need to have a forge

  27. This is what you need to get into Kevin Malin

  28. Christy for the girl that loves axes!

  29. Gary Carlson found the video of the bronze axe

  30. Olivier Pelerin maybe your friend should be looking for this?>??

  31. Tiernan Crawford imagine rocking around with this bad boy

  32. Watching this video listening to Slayer, insane!

  33. What's the need to cut the tree !!

  34. That's not the current way to use an axe. You place it on a lot, and tap it with a hammer, it's ment to be a splitter and used gently, not forcefully like that

  35. Kalle, Frederik og Joakim, skal vi få lavet os en Loge-økse?

  36. Everything on Unilad is incredible or a game changer

  37. It looked a lot easier on Runescape

  38. Luke Tinkers eat your heart out

  39. Aya Dhشوفي هي متل ورشة السباكة😉🌚😁

  40. The song, anyone knows this? 🤔😍

  41. Mattis Ridelle on en fait une en alu ?? 😁

  42. Here’s a project for ye Jeff Ó !

  43. Fazê um troso de alumínio? ????fala o quê? ??

  44. Por lo bonito que es acabar con la naturaleza qué mierda de publicación

  45. Elena Togno io ti taggo, eccome se ti taggo....

  46. Tools of environmental destruction. 😔

  47. Sarang Shaikh an axe to peel you off

  48. Make me one would ya Jeff Piper

  49. Yassine Asrhar makerahnash shii wahed

  50. Inge nytt för dig detta, Benny Brändström? 😉