Can you live without plastic?

Can you live without plastic?

Can you live without plastic?

Posted by ITV News Feb. 17, 2018, 7 p.m.

Could you live without plastic?

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  1. There is an amazing plant that G_d gave man. The plant is so diverse it’s been made illegal.
    This plant could help cut plastic and even save trees.
    You can build homes and many other things using the plant.
    medical benefits.
    Anyone know what plant I’m talking about.

  2. You never seen plastic when I was a kid pop came in glass returnable bottles as did milk. There is no need for fruit n veg to be in plastic wrapping and bags get rid

  3. Just been to New York and couldn’t believe the amount of plastic they are using, everything was double bagged and they put one bottle of pop in 2 plastic bags and were amazed when I said not to bag it. I was always under the impression that America used paper bags for groceries etc but I was clearly wrong. Even in McDonald’s they give you plastic bags to carry drinks cups!

  4. Simple solution two huge fishing boats a huge drag net each and sweep it all up ... And do the doldrums as well

  5. in germany you get paid to recycle your plastic so why cant we? not enough profit for the fat cats is why the sea looks the way it does

  6. Try driving a car without plastic, flintstones car is what you would have.

  7. facet is plastics are entering the food chain we will poison ourselves and the other life unless we clean up our act and clean up our mess plastics should be banned full stop, we managed to live without them until invented, plastics caused by lazzyness and supermarkets the biggest cause

  8. Stop saying found, literally just watched an old episode of American dad where they mention garbage island, years ago, so stop with the fraudulent disinformation. Why not tell people the size of the mid Pacific rubbish gyre? Bigger than the uk that’s how big, it’s bigger than our whole union.

  9. Well if folks in other countries, didn't buy folks trash, and getting it shipped across the sea.. so much plastic wouldn't slip into the sea..
    recycling at home in our own countries might help.

  10. Of course we could, things didn't used to be packed in plastic, fruit and veg can be sold loose with a paper bag to put it in, drinks can be in glass bottles etc etc.

  11. When we used to have weekly refuse collections and compost heaps, there wasn't so much need for bin liners.

  12. We managed before it took over everything.

  13. We lived without it for years.. so I can't see why not

  14. Cry complain but it isn’t us dumping it in the sea so this pointless