Brooklyn 99: Finding Out Brooklyn 99 is Being Cancelled

Brooklyn 99: Finding Out Brooklyn 99 is Being Cancelled

Brooklyn 99: Finding Out Brooklyn 99 is Being Cancelled

Posted by E4 May 11, 2018, 9:37 a.m.

It's an emotional time for everybody.

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  1. Alyse Graham how can you cancel something with a character that possesses the greatest emotional range?????

  2. This is the only show that actually makes me laugh out loud! One of my favorite series 😭 I really hope Netflix picks it up

  3. This is worse than the time the Mother died and Ted ended up with Robin all along! 9 years for that!

  4. This show is the only thing i watch on tv everything else is either YouTube, netflix or amazon, best show on tv hands down, i really hope some other channel picks this up

  5. This was basically scrubs put in the police.... still thought it was funnier than most of the crap on tv

  6. How in the name of comedy is Two Broke Girls still a thing and THIS gets cancelled?! There is no justice in the world....

  7. Everyone tag Netflix in hopes they pick up this godly show!!

  8. Bloody stupid idea cancel the crap
    Shows like bobs burgers. And like of South Park been going on a while 😡

  9. You know it could come back, I hope it does. Many shows have been cancelled several times but they always came back with more seasons. Such as Fairly Odd Parent's

  10. WHAT?!?!?! This is an outrage!!!! crappy shows like towie and the kardashians keep going but we loose an amazing comedy show?!?! Life has totally become unfair </3 (if like the shows i said were crappy fair play if you like them i'm just not a fan of them and used them as examples of their genre to emphasize we need this show more and it is just an amazing show)

  11. Bad news. Brilliant, brilliant show. Gutted about this being cancelled. It’s not often a comedy comes along that grips me like this show has.

  12. David Williams this keeps coming up on my news feed and I'm still fuming 😠 how did 2 Broke Girls even get more than one episode but this gets cancelled?!

  13. This was the first show I watched that I liked. I almost didn’t go to our School’s Hawaiian party because of this (and I’d didn’t regret it). I also didn’t attend my speech choir practice because of this. That’s how much I love this show💔

  14. If they just shoot the scenes with a stable frame or camera (don't know what they call it) and not moving it a lot. It will be a lot better. And may attract more audience. I tried to watch it but found that the camera movement made it so hard for me to focus.

  15. Nooo... this was the best comedy sitcom ever to be seen in tv. Hands down to the most funniest show ever . Hope someone will pick this up cuz it's heartbreaking if they don't.🙁

  16. Kaiti Cometa Cody Gresham

    If I come visit you guys in Arizona can we watch the entire show in one weekend? I feel like that’s the appropriate way to deal with this.

  17. wtf i've just got to season four after binge watching, i stopped when there were only three seasons and didnt realise the other two existed, so was catching up... wtf

  18. Big bang theory was good back in the day but they long out a storyline forever and the jokes are no where near as funny as B99

  19. My curse continues. Dba kinsa akong tapad mu resign? Kani gi plan nakog watch gi cancel dayon naman nuon hahahaa mygod the curse is real Francis Geroy

  20. DB Edell this got me so angry I was looking up why for half an hour and forgot to revise for a mock

  21. Netflix now's the time to show your card, plus why would someone cancel such a great and profiting show? #Brooklyn99

  22. Message me your email address, I can invite you to a Netflix type website that has all the seasons of 99

  23. The Captain, Jo Lo & Terry are the only people that carry the show. Everybody else is just awful. Should've been cancelled after the first season. It's just complete trash. Better than 2 Broke Girls but not by much.

  24. Someone give me the infinity gauntlet. I'd pull 'A-Thanos' right away!

  25. To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. To do this, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of, because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions. - Deepak Chopra

  26. It is one of the best comedy show left ... What a shame :(

  27. Sanjay Balakumar somehow Holt is the person who is best at expressing my emotions about b99 😂

  28. Jeremy what will life be without raymond holts infectious enthusiasm?

  29. “It’s an emotional time for everybody” name of Santiago’s sex tap

  30. Someone will pick it up.. Hulu most probably. I love this show, it's the best!

  31. Matthew Small ‘I’m sorry for getting so emotional’ 😂😂

  32. Tom Owen this is all my emotions

  33. Bart Graumans Holts emotional range is goals

  34. Sarah Taylor can’t work out if this makes me more sad than the new avengers film

  35. Aaron Part I will give up both of my dogs and my sister to keep this show running Natasha

  36. Kathryn, WHAT!? it's been cancelled?! This is an outrage! 😭

  37. Jack Webster I'm sorry for getting so emotional hahahah

  38. Jessica Clayton still so sad.....also he is my emotional spirit animal

  39. Ryan Creeth I’m a bit more emotional than this

  40. Craig Carson - I am very emotional just now.

  41. Hazel Champion I'm still feeling all of these emotions

  42. Rebecca Wensley we are shocked and enraged.

  43. Derren this must be what it’s like talking with me as I show no emotion

  44. Nicola and I just started watching it

  45. Susan Rome Lin pls show this to your friend. forgot her name. but pls :'(

  46. How can you be jakes best friend now? Jez Leech

  47. Millie tagging you every time I see a post 😭

  48. Harry Murdoch everytime I see a post about this I get dududududu sad

  49. Ryan Tzvetanov I'm heart broken fox cancelled brookers 😭💔 let's hope someone else carries it on 🙊

  50. Nitya we’re all in this together

  51. Coby Mortimer I watched this twice because I feel just like captain holt

  52. Chris William I can't deal so you guys have to put up with being tagged in stuff. Thanks

  53. Unbelievable it’s the best show on tv at the moment!!

  54. Rebecca Dağ never watched this but I want to now hahahaha

  55. Dan I’m gonna miss cheddar the most 😭

  56. Jesse Dart incase you momentarily forgot and need to be reminded

  57. 😭😭😭😭 I will never get over this Ellie Maxi Jay

  58. Emma Lacombe 😭😭 (mais tout le monde capote faque ça va sûrement être acheté pour une dernière saison par genre Netflix ou Hulu)

  59. Filza Bhadelia can’t get enough of this .... and I’m still just in season 2

  60. Kenny Donnelly I feel like I jinxed this last night by saying I liked it 😭😭

  61. Sam Wright this is giving me all the feels 💔

  62. Matt Brooklyn 99 marathon for it's funeral??