Britain's gender pay gap revealed

Britain's gender pay gap revealed

Britain's gender pay gap revealed

Posted by Channel 4 News March 13, 2018, 1:22 p.m.

Britain's big companies are revealing how much they pay men and women for the first time.

So far, 85 per cent of the firms that have published figures say men take a bigger share of the wage bill.

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  1. The pay gap in the published results is caused by more men in higher paid positions. It's not due to men being paid more than women in the same role.

  2. Not this debunked nonsense AGAIN.

    Women on average work less hours (half as likely to work over 40hrs a week), take more holidays, leave the workforce to raise children etc. The only way you’d get rid of the “pay gap” which in fact an earnings gap would be a system which tyrannically dictate men and women’s career choices to them.

    The gap is entirely to be suspected in a free society when men and women are observantly different from one another and in general have different priorities for happiness.

  3. Too much spin on this. It is just the way it is. Often women are by nature less competitive than men and taking a career break to raise a family is important to them. It should always be a case of the best qualified, the most skilled, and the one with the right experience who gets a job , regardless of gender

  4. To be a proper reflection, it needs to show a role comparison.
    Its difficult to judge diff roles against each other. Yet i would say, sometimes woman are not offered roles due to restrictions with childcare or likely to have kids.

  5. For there to be no gender pay gap will require women to stop giving birth and looking after their children or elderly parents.

  6. No such thing as a wage gap when you factor in all the extra stuff like who is more likely to do over time, and who is more likely to ask for a raise, and who is more likely to take more holiday etc etc. Then you find that there is no such thing as a wage gap.

  7. The women are being robbed by not being paid the same for doing the same job. It's not about muscle anymore the owners are using gender to allow them to pay one group less

  8. Let me know when this misandry fest is finished. The gender pay gap is a myth. Teresa May is a female she got the same or more than her predecessors including male ones.

  9. Its almost as if people choosing different career paths get paid differently.

  10. Hey channel 4 can we expect continual repeats of the recent "grooming gang" scandal. Any chance of you even putting up one post about it. Or are OUR children not news worthy enough for you, ? you know with them being the majority and all.

  11. sick to death hearing about this equality crap its constant everyday

  12. A recent comment of mine on BBC Spotlight's gender pay gap video got some good response, decided I would post it here too seeings as it squeezes a lot of Jordan B Peterson's statements on the pay gap into a smallish read -

    Over 70% of women surveyed in the U.K. said they believe in equality of the sexes but less than a 3rd said they consider themselves a feminist. This is because they're not the same thing anymore.

    The gender pay gap compares the median pay of males and median pay of females and compares them to see a 20% difference. (80p earned by a woman for every pound a man earns)

    I am ashamed to be a part of a society where women who are clearly unhappy with their lives looking for an excuse just see that 20% and think it's final. When there are an uncountable amount of of other factors:

    - Women choose to study a degree in the lowest paying studies: counselling, social care, teaching very young kids etc. Whereas men choose the top paying studies: Focussed medical science, engineering, STEM etc.

    - On average men are willing to stay over at the office more, come in on emergencies quicker etc. Men are more likely to 'marry their job'. Women choose a much more social and balanced lifestyle where they aren't so invested in work as men are. Psychologically men are more disagreeable than women which has a direct correlation to larger and more frequent promotions in the workplace.

    With all that considered, the estimated REAL pay gap is 2%. 20% is a 10% exaggeration of 2%. That comes down to about 98p earned by women for every pound men earn. That 2p is likely gender based discrimination, but it cannot be solved because there will always be a small imbalance it could go ether way it's a national statistic. The other 18% accounting to the fact that men: major in higher paying degrees, invest more of their life into work, work longer hours, are less agreeable on promotions etc

    If you're one of those people that actually preaches about this non existent pay gap. You are a 3rd wave feminist unhappy that despite equal opportunity for women there is not equal outcome. It will ALWAYS be like that and it's nobody's fault. You do not see men crying because they're underepresented in nursing or social care, because that's not what they want to do! Similarly women have equal opportunity to study a STEM subject at university but on average most don't, not because they don't have equality but because they don't want to! Women preach about how they're underrepresented in STEM, this is not because your daughter doesn't have the opportunity to study engineering, it's because she doesn't want to. STEM being correlated with an very poor work/life balance (I can vouch for this myself) again supports my point as women are in favour of a more social balanced life.

    Feminism is now an excuse for moaning if you're unhappy with your life. Nothing to about the equality of sexes, as that was sorted over a decade ago.

    Equality of outcome will always be different.

  13. I doubt there would be men all over this comment thread saying ‘liberal lies’ and about how women ‘choose’ lower paid careers if it were women that historically and currently dominated the top of the highest paid industries.

  14. Ffs I'm tired of seeing this crap on my feed. The 'pay gap' doesn't exist. They're not comparing people in the same role, they're comparing everybody in the company. Of course a CEO is gonna earn more than a secretary. & a man is more likely to earn that role because a woman is more likely to have time off for maternity leave etc. so yes men will dominate the higher paid job roles within that sector. & studies prove that women are less likely to even go for these roles. They are more likely to end up in the care or teaching sectors where they will, of course, dominate. People need to stop screaming for equality when they don't even know what they're talking about. They're comparing pay of unequal jobs & demanding equal pay for them. The only way that would work is if every single person gets the same pay regardless of what job they're doing. & I don't see how that would be fair if your job requires more effort & more hours than another.

  15. This is normal, as there are often more men than women in positions of power... The problem is with who is employed where, not with how much they are paid because how much they are paid is irrelevant

  16. Why there is even a pay gap for ppl doing the same job is daft

  17. I mean seriously. So many men here literally talking like its 1925. No, its not because women are "choosing" to stay at home and work part time. Its because despite all the social progress, its acceptable for men (as evidenced throughout this thread) to NOT take on their share of family work. Its 2018. She is bringing in a salary too and contributing to the rent but somehow when the kid is sick she is the only one who constantly takes time off work? Where is the father? How does that impact on her work? So she is being punished for literally contributing to the family twice over. And those of us without kids have to deal with that stereotype as well.

    There will never be gender equality or equal pay as long as men continue to encourage companies to see women as responsible for the unpaid labour that keeps us going. Share the work. Look after your kids. Get rid of this bs world were an employer presumes if you have breasts and your child is sick you will take time off cos the dad never will.

  18. These men who get paid more, do they have a higher position within the companies? If they do. That's why they are paid more.

  19. They should do this for the NHS.

  20. White men... colored males arms less than white females for the same task

  21. Will somebody just make the dam sandwich already!!!

  22. I call BS. Faulty, misleading reporting. This has nothing to do with men and woman in the SAME job.

  23. What does bigger share mean? That more men work so take more of the money.

  24. Lol Channel 4 news is probably suuuuuper lame at parties.

  25. Waiting for those with no understanding of statistics to start talking about statistics...

  26. Has channel 4 revealed the pay for male and female employees ?

  27. They're not taking into account other aspects of life that account for the so-called gender pay Gap where's there is none

  28. Yer I think Jordan Dr Jordan B Peterson set you guys at Channel 4 News straight on this one. I know it was embarrassing but it happened. Get ova it.

  29. ''you're going to make the same if you do as good a job''

  30. If women are cheaper why do companies employ men?