Britain bombs Syria chemical weapon factory

Britain bombs Syria chemical weapon factory
Image from: The Sun

They've hit back.

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  1. Why has the UK got involved. All those innocent children in Syria who are going to be Injured and killed in all of this. But then the government don't care do they!!

  2. The People of Syria want us involved. How many innocent people have to die by a dictator. No one wants war but if you and your family was bit with chemical weapons you would want help and unfortunately this is the only way to save the good people of Syria so that one day they can have the life that they deserve in peace

  3. Theresa May, you are a joke. Shame on you. We have our own problems such as homeless people, murders, stabbings. A little baby in Alderhey begging for your help to be saved and given a chance to survive and live which you have chosen to ignore and not intervein on a hospital trying to murder him. You have ignore all of these things, so that you can bomb a country and start a bloody war on the quiet, THAT AGAIN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US and has probably cost MILLIONS! MILLIONS which SHOULD be helping our own British people!!!! Shame on you!!

  4. Why would Assad attack his own people? Syria were winning the war against ISIS. Donald Trump was going to take troops out the country. Sky News were scared yesterday when General Jonathan Shaw was cut off during his interview.

  5. Once again the British government playing lapdog to the Americans and still thinking that we are a major power in the world. Expect more terrorism.

  6. What’s the point its empty they all moved over here

  7. The government don’t tell us everything, we have a close relationship to the US and they would support us if we needed it. So stop your moaning and think about the people we are saving. We are only helping with our aircrafts and pilots that will have lots of experience in this. Let the government do their jobs and you focus on your own.

  8. Theresa May if you are going to get involved then get out on the front line and fight this had nothing to do with us why don’t you just mind your own business. We can’t always protect America and keep letting our troops get killed.

  9. It’s all corrupt and money driven!! The government should be ashamed of themselves. The men in grey have a lot to answer too!!!!!!!!

  10. Dont forget this is being led by the Tories and we all know they like killing people even their own so it should be no surprise they have got us involved in something most of us dont want sad but true

  11. How scary must it be living in Damascus right now, having zero input towards your government and still living with the consequences.

  12. Not our war. Why in earth are we getting involved in something that is nothing to do with us. How come we can afford that when the nhs is sinking, there aren't enough police and so many people are homeless.

  13. So if assad if in middle of a civil war and fighting isis are uk usa and france actually helping isis now as were fighting one of their enemies ?

  14. Here we go again 😡
    Trump pulling our strings
    Now I suppose we will have more attacks on England.
    I must say a really big thank you to our so called leader....oh sorry I meant puppet 😡😡

  15. Cant find money for the NHS and police but always enough money for bombs

  16. Yeah...really great...not...get ready for world war 3! Scary time's ahead

  17. They should have took every single 1 of them out simple as tht 👏👏👏👏👌

  18. Omg why are we getting involved disgraceful 😡

  19. If Theresa May was in front of me I'd punch her lights out

  20. Shareece u were right u said this would happen

  21. Great let's wait for the revenge attacks on us then 😠😡

  22. Hope the government can live with blood on their hands .sort this country out first

  23. U.S. attacked UK and France just have our backs with intelligence

  24. Chemical weapons must be stopped.

  25. No more immigrants a canny take it

  26. stupid may should have kept us out of it

  27. Will may be doing the same in the yemen?.....bloody old hypocrite..

  28. Good about time the snowflakes will soon be wailing whinging lots of hand wringing but its done get over it

  29. We can’t just do nothing, the man is a monster.

  30. I dnt beleive any off it why start something you no nothing about all a strange set up if u ask me

  31. Russia will retaliate now but who will they attack 1st start of ww3

  32. If this news is true, then, it's a good one, those blood letting lovers should be dealt with.

  33. What a ridiculous move by the allies.
    Trumps been shouting about an attack all week so of course everything has been moved from all the targets.
    So basically we’ve sent million pound each missiles to destroy empty buildings..hmmmmm..makes sense.
    You couldn’t make it

  34. Babe, Theresa May, Mathematics, One day has 24 hours, how many seconds make a day ? (2 + 2 = 5), Dedicate 5 Squadrons, 2 sortie and put 250 missiles on Syria, level it to the ground, all government Buildings, Military bases. Sunday Picnic is still on....

  35. Good! keep up the good work, you can't have backwards countries creating havoc and killing their own people. I didn't like Theresa before but I now have some respect for her, if it was upto the lefties of this world the UK would be a pushover!

  36. Where was the proof of chem attacks, we are believing film made by extremists and rebels.
    Should stay out of middle eastern affairs, we got rid of Gadaffi and Sadam and all it did was destabilise the region and cause years of anarchy, religious extremism etc and caused the rise of ISIS. Assad is a moderate, modernist Muslim, yet we are backing backwards, religious extremist rebels....the type doing terrorist attacks here. Pure insanity.

  37. Trump and may can not sort there own country that's why they have decided to take out other's both are a bunch of idiots