Brahms from Rachel Barton Pine

Brahms from Rachel Barton Pine

Brahms from Rachel Barton Pine

Posted by Classic FM March 13, 2018, 4:25 p.m.

(via Rachel Barton Pine, Violinist)

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  1. Nothing new. I add, it's not unusual that metalheads love classical musical, expecially in prog, symphonic and neoclassical metal, but you can find some classical inspiration in many gothic metal songs, too.

  2. Can someone please overdub some slayer of dragonforce when she starts playing?

  3. Alys Olivia Verity thought she meant the one in the walls for a minute there Ahahaha

  4. Alexis Rosseels (je sais pas pourquoi mais ça m'a fait penser à toi et je me suis dit que ça t'intéresserait :p )

  5. Mikail Reuter you should listen to more romantic era music. Get inspired by those oldies

  6. Brahms the classical pop artist his life was so sad...

  7. Valerij Rumiancev another proof that metal was inspired by classical music 😝

  8. Reon Janse van Rensburg. Klassieke musiek en rock. Die verband.

  9. Rayner Valera pa tu ensayo jajaja

  10. Liz Cook - show Ben, he'll like this.

  11. Madlene Nemri did you see how cool this is!

  12. Ryan van Steenis Jon A. Van Steenis this chick is awesome

  13. Wiktoria Piankowska Wiktoria Święciochowska Miriam Kozak this is brilliant

  14. Benjamin Vidal Jo Jaeger Varhain

  15. Nah... That's just self gratification. It happened much earlier. Listen to this starting from 3:00 you'll hear Bach ROCKING and bands like Deep Purple were totally inspired by this.

  16. John Frederick Kingsley Magelssen

  17. go check this too