Brahms Double Concerto

Brahms Double Concerto

Brahms Double Concerto

Posted by Classic FM April 13, 2018, 1:55 p.m.

Incredible Brahms from Pablo Ferrández - Cellist, Anne-Sophie Mutterand the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra. 😍

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  1. When you realise your little violin will never replicate those lovely deep tones.

  2. Anne-Sophie Mutter + Pablo Ferrández - Cellist = A musical duet from Heavens ❤️🎼❤️🎻

  3. Loved how she was so into his solo at the beginning. And then, that look she gave to the cellos over her shoulder was absolutely priceless!

  4. Isobel Stearn this is a longer version and oh my it's so amazing ahhhhh 😍😍 I wish I could be this good... hopefully one day we will be able to try this...

  5. I thought the same thing - but she was following so she wouldn't miss her cue- um, they seem to get along if you look at them.

  6. I love it. She looks like she recovering from a 3 day bender drinking nothing but Jack and Coke, well mostly Jack. lol

  7. Sion Kim this was the double concerto alex tried to play with zach at gov school. It's such a great double!!!

  8. Louis Bruzon brahms double concerto for violin and cello

  9. מיכה ניאזוב אתה רואה אפילו צ'לן טוב לא נשמע טוב, זה פשוט חרא כלי לסולו חחח...

  10. Mansour Sallam I'm pretty sure, this kind of playing u would like 2 hear 🎶

  11. Nirina je peux pas écouter mais j'ai vu Anne-Sophie Mutter

  12. Lovely. Love the slurs and harmonics.

    Thank you for sharing with me.

  13. Ah, it's been too long since I listened to this!

  14. Me parece que España está pariendo otro Casals. Bravo Ferrández!

  15. Beautiful~
    Thank you for sharing with us~^^

  16. João Kopke já deves estar farto de videos que as pessoas te mandam. toma lá mais um

  17. Ronald de Kruif en Helena Neven zo mooooooi! En hilarische reacties erbij haha

  18. LOVE HIS CELLO PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Valentina Arroyo visto desde otro ángulo :v

  20. Excelente interpretación 👏👏👏👏🎹🎹🎶

  21. cacha atras esta Don Luis con un chelo..

  22. Questo è il video più bello che voi abbiate mai pubblicato ❤

  23. Nieves Ramos vamos a llorar con esto :’v

  24. Sylvia Karina Sproule-Garcia thought you’d like this. ❤️

  25. Arsalan Badsha some classics for u

  26. Willem Awouters Bucketlist? 🎻🎶

  27. Isabel Méndez, Mercedes Trigo Navarro, mirad qué chulo

  28. Karla Villalpando te dio miedo :(