Blue Planet II BAFTA TV Moment

Blue Planet II BAFTA TV Moment

Blue Planet II BAFTA TV Moment

Posted by BBC Earth May 14, 2018, 6:11 a.m.

This is the moment David Attenborough showed us the heartbreaking impact our plastic problem has on marine life.

Thank you, viewers, for voting this #BluePlanet2 scene as the winner of #BAFTA 'Must See Moment' 🏆💙

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  1. #Blueplanet and #Blueplanet2 should be played in every school to raise the awareness of how our actions impact our environment and animals who depend on it...devastating 😢😢

  2. Everyone showing crocodile tears as always, you all know fine well you're going to buy plastic bottled drinks as soon as you post your crying emojis which do nothing.
    Let's all hang our heads in shame for 30 seconds and continue as normal because I see a video like this at least once a day now. Sad.

  3. Although always keen on recycling we have dramatically changed our habits since seeing BP2 when first aired. Got a water cooler instead of buying bottled water - get meat from butchers in reusable containers for dogs and reuse - don’t use climgfilm - use stretchy reusable lids - buy unwrapped veg and salad unless in paper. And changed to ecover type products for washing and cleaning safer for our waters. All small things for one family to do but if every family made the same small changes what a difference it would make.

  4. It’s a sad fact that the majority of people fundamentally do not care, as was evident over the last Bank Holiday when so many of our open spaces were left shockingly littered and resembling landfill.
    Governments, World leaders and large corporations are dragging their heels in addressing this Global issue. They’ve known about it for decades.

  5. As usual, Sir David showed his empathy, humility and grace in accepting tbe award and reminding us all of our duty to care for OUR earth.. The world needs more people like him.

  6. All for #plastic convenience, and greed from the companies who don't give a shit about anything else than $$$ profit. And we still keep making plastic grocery bags, straws for our drinks, lids, water bottles, packaging for pre made food, and nobody is really doing anything about it. "Give me convenience or death" What greedy fools! Billions trashing the land, that eventually ends up in our oceans. Now turning into a plastic waste land.

  7. I'm surprised that industrial pollutants haven't caused a bigger issue in the past, with the accumulation of heavy metals and such up the food chain. It just goes to show how persistent these endocrine disrupting toxicants are in the environment and why they should be banned. Plasticizers like BPA and phthalates aren't good for any living creatures.

  8. Any runners on here? Can you contact your race organisers to ask them to think of better solutions than plastic bottles/cups at drinks stations? Also please everyone if you see a balloon release start to be advertised WRITE, CALL, COMPLAIN, BOYCOTT, we need to start doing things on a bigger scale as well as changing our own habits!

  9. Plastics, yes, but also ridiculous is the idea that we can sink undesirable things like ships and returning satellites into the ocean without consequence. -E

  10. Cruise ships, captivity, plastic, rubbish -all the culprits...humans... We are so lucky to share the earth with these beautiful creatures. We need to start being kind. My son and I spent most of Mothers Day watching Planet Earth 2 together; amazing day for us both. Thank you David Attenborough

  11. Anyone that says animals don’t have emotions can just do the world a favor and just walk off the edge of the earth cause they’re probably flat earthers too

  12. When will we stop.. how many animals and mammals need to due at our hands and laziness, before we figure out how to coexist properly. Humans need to do better, we should all be ashamed

  13. Am watching you Sir David Attenborough since I was a Child, thousands of series and have done the same to my Children now, My oldest is 7years old and can tell me everything about Nature, she blows my mind away with her knowledge.. To make a Change we must start with the Kids, to learn to love and respect our Planet, our Nature & our Animals..

  14. Just back from a holiday in the Maldives. In two weeks I saw just one plastic container on the shoreline. I picked it up and disposed of it. If a small island serving more than 600 people with limited space and disposal options can get this right why can’t we? There were no plastic straws, no plastic glasses all disposable items were cardboard/paper. 👏🏼

  15. Thank you for showing us. It has inspired us to make some radical changes about our shopping habits and lifestyle choices ❤️🌍

  16. Unfortunately I believe that only when the threat is directly facing us and we cant ignore it any more will governments act in any major way. It is appalling that is has got to this stage, we dont deserve this beautiful world 🙁

  17. So that’s what “might” have happened to the baby whale... not that plastic isn’t a problem but this also isn’t proof. It could have been born with a defect, too. You all are so susceptible to pathos that you don’t have any critical thinking skills. This is sad, but it MIGHT not have anything to do with the plastic in the ocean. We all know it’s a problem, we shouldn’t need to project a story on a grieving whale to understand it. Also; big brains do not necessarily mean high intelligence or emotion. This video was crafted to catch all of your emotions and none of your brain cells. The good news is that the whale probably IS smarter than you.

  18. I was sitting on a balcony at 230 in the morning, at the beach. Listening to the crash of the waves, wondering how many sea turtles we would have on our shores this year, when I came across this on Facebook. I am still in tears 3 hours later. What have we done? And the most important question, what will we do about it?! This moment, this one moment, speaks to so many on so many levels. Thank for this.

  19. "It's possible he was poisoned by her contaminated milk" While we cant say for 100% certainty that it's what killed him it's still a heart breaking thought that not even a mothers milk is safe these days. In fact ours isn't either. Our breastmilk has pesticides in it. Why is there such a disconnect between people and environment? It should be the most obvious thing in the world that even the most selfish, self absorbed people should be invested in - pollute your environment and you end up polluting yourself.

  20. I live here in the philippines and I am apalled at the amount of plastic and garbage thats dumped along the riverside during the dry season then when the monsoons arrive the garbage then is no longer a problem localy. It just gets picked up by the floods and taken away down the river to the sea and that where the real problems start.
    There are some very concerned citizens where I live and we have done some good work but education is very important so that they need to know that there ignorence is endangering the earth

  21. Granted some people don't care, but that's not the problem. Corporations and Governments should enforce laws against plastic, toxic chemicals, Hunting etc.
    Most people follow the standard and if you go to a store and 70% of everything is wrapped in plastic obviously the majority of people will buy it. The people with power are at fault, not us. We would need a revolution to change how we use plastic and that doesn't happen easily.

  22. I find it amazing that many people will watch this on their TVs then go to the beach and leave all their litter behind when they go home. Joined-up thinking, people!

  23. Tbf I know plastic is everywhere and I blame companies for not using glass and metal like the old days but the main ones to blame is who Evers bright idea it was to dump it in the ocean

  24. I can not afford to dwell on the fact I am faced with passing on a tragic and depressing reality to my children, instead of the one I revelled in as a child. Unforgivable that this destruction isn’t being halted more rapidly. We are trashing the only safe vehicle we have for our life in space. It’s insane.

  25. Very sad Indeed, the only way to make a change is to under stand and admit there is a problem. However we need to do more than just recycling. Most people have no idea that ocean going ships have been dumping trash at sea for years... Look it up. they say it is going to change due to new regulations. too little too late. and the new time a hurricane comes along and sweeps most of and island into the sea then what? The only solution that seems to make sense to me is stop producing that which is the problem and replace it with something that is better for all involved.

  26. We , as a race , will suffer dire consequences if we don't stop polluting the world we live on. Species will die. The water in our lakes and rivers will be undrinkable. Our air unbreathable

  27. This trash in the environment is something we can control 100% of we come together. We are responsible for the trash getting into places it should not be. What we cannot control is the climate. That is a little too complex for mankind to mess with.

  28. Fight against the big companies who profit from this. I certainly am fed up of everything covered or contained in plastic. More recycling of different materials is needed. This itself will create jobs adapt and change or die.

  29. But the small steps made since this is nothing compared to what actually needs to be done. We never do enough.

  30. It is just too cheap to use plastic.... if they made it cost a lot people would reuse bread bags etc and cut up rings like thy used to. People need to go back to eating real food and then there will a lot less garbage too!

  31. It all about supply & demand
    People demand food & drinks to get to them in a safe, clean, plastic container or tubs
    Now it time to change the demand so we leave the planet clean for are children and so on
    This is not a rich country’s problem it’s also the poor country’s problem to
    Don’t forget people demand it so they make it

  32. Lembrei de você, mãe Eloá Mello. É uma Baleia Piloto (não sei se é a tradução certa pra raça) que fica carregando seu filhotinho recém nascido, morto, por vários dias. No vídeo eles falam que é possível que o leite da mãe estava envenenado por causa da poluição e por isso o bebêzinho não sobreviveu.

  33. We are totally responsible for this. We should all be ashamed of ourselves.
    Countries must stop producing plastics that is the only way we can save our planet earth.

  34. Oh God...this is so heartbreaking... If we all do our little part, we can contribute to take care of our dear wildlife...I know it's not the only solution but at least we can help..

  35. Avoid using q-tips, invest on an old fashioned razor, use a bamboo toothbrush, do the "no straw challenge", remember to take your tote bag... let's clean our planet one step at a time.

  36. And yet STILL plenty of people buy plastic they just chuck away. One that especially annoys me is those take-away cold drinks cups with a hole in the top - for a straw.

  37. I don’t believe it’s plastic what’s killed the whale, fake news as per usual, don’t believe everything you hear and see, plastic as been in our ocean for years and all of as sudden it’s affecting wild life now 😂

  38. And the Republicans want to dump more garbage in the oceans! Smh! They'll be nothing left on this planet for future generations unless it's in a zoo!

  39. En Santa Cruz abundan los inconscientes que tiran los plásticos para que el viento se lo lleve. Tal vez ya existan en el mar muchas made in S.C. La educacion hay que hacerlo desde el hogar. los que gobierna hacen los da rédito.

  40. That's not true , because in 2007 there was a Russian scientist named provehvshshghhjeojhqqkkahshsfhnvzo
    Why you skip​ed the name?I will not complete the story 😏

  41. 3 words that sum up every problem on earth... People rouin everything!!! And will never be anything good on this poor planet over run with humans😢😰😭

  42. I just read in a previous post Ebola is on the move again so there is a chance we will be culled back one day so we will be less of a problem

  43. For gods sake people need to stop polluting our oceans , air , land . The Earth itself. Or we all as a race will

  44. Im done being sad about all this y’all.
    If we don’t do something, we’re just going to cause even more irreparable damage. 😰

  45. Awe so sad we as a human race are never gona learn or realise we are destroying our home and killing everything in its oceans

  46. I’m reducing to use disposable plastic bag, rubber straws, etc with “extreme” spirit.

    Sorry Nature Mother 😣

  47. If this changes one persons view on plastic then at least it is doing something. It won’t change everyone but it helps!

  48. Blueplanet should be played across the world. I'm temporarily living in Tanzania and the waste/plastic waste situation here kills me! 😩

  49. Mankind has not look after the planet earth or the animals that share the earth with himruining the earth and the animal kingdomis loosing and making a lot of animals extinct 😐

  50. Ims Samantha i baby cried to this, i saw the whole documentary and everything leading up to this makes you cry

  51. Allow all the negativity on this video. Most people need a little education and/or support to make good choices. Stop with the all or nothing mentality, it doesn't help anyone. I try my best to avoid buying products with plastic packaging, but it's not my fault that the local council won't recycle certain plastics.
    Effort is what matters

  52. Not to be that person, but when did he say what killed the calf? Was it indeed chemicals, or plastic or some other cause?

  53. Industrial pollutants is the main issue here, the plastic seems to be something people can take action on - a quick win and yet the biggest difference could be made by reducing meat consumption - especially red meat

  54. You boaties and fisherman and Wharf users, take all your plastic and rubbish home with you, you Devils.

  55. I didn't vote for this one as I didn't see it in TV it was game of thrones I voted for
    This is utterly heartbreaking 💔😢

  56. For as long as plastics are allowed to be made by humans, there will be more and more. Worse than guns.

  57. It's POSSIBLE the calf died from contaminated milk.

    Let us know when you figure out what it ACTUALLY died from.

  58. I hope the plastics gone in coming 25years.Plastic not gone,marine life gone.and so do we human being.

  59. Horrible...what have we done??? We will destroy this beautiful planet.

  60. Giuseppe MusumeciJulian Leggi literally cried for you see why I choose no plastic lel

  61. Breaks my heart ... We won't have a marine life soon at this rate...

  62. What have we done!
    Humans don't deserve this beautiful planet.

  63. Hope this will be an eye opener

  64. Very sad, Time to change a lot of life styles!😪

  65. Edward Tsang humans don’t deserve anything in this world://

  66. So so sad, when will we wake up as humans.....

  67. This is an amazingly moving clip

  68. Sooooo heartbreaking. Everyone needs to take action now on land and sea before everything is destroyed 😢😢😢