Billy Monger on verge of Formula 3 return

Billy Monger on verge of Formula 3 return

Billy Monger on verge of Formula 3 return

Posted by ITV News Feb. 15, 2018, 5:58 p.m.

Teenage racing driver Billy Monger lost both his legs in a horror crash last year. Now he's on the verge of a return to Formula 3.

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  1. Please please someone give this special and determined young man the sponsorship he so craves! Good luck Billy x

  2. Billy is an amazing young chap,he's a true inspiration to everyone whatever there age! Keep following your dream Billy and show the world you are a winner!!!

  3. This young man shows such courage and positivity; he is a shining example to many of the same generation who 'give up' after a minor setback or failure! Well done Billy! :D

  4. This lad is something else. Good luck to him

  5. total respect for him not letting his disability stopping him from following his dream and career hope you reach the top

  6. Billy you are an inspiration.. I hope you get your sponsor and are able to continue doing what you love .. your family must be so proud of you x

  7. Good lad, Billy - hope you get a sponsorship deal squared away - look forward to seeing you back out on the track.

  8. Good luck to you Billy wishing you all the best for everything you do in the future you are an inspiration truly x

  9. Such a inspiration this guy so lovely and positive

  10. What a inspirational young man, good luck in everything you do, you truly deserve it!! ❤️👍

  11. Such amazing inspirational young man

  12. I wish this lad so much love & respect, you go son you are quite amazing xx 💕💙💕💙

  13. Good luck Billy, you are such an inspiration, hope you achieve your dream x

  14. Chris Brown billy amazes me so much drive n determination to get back his dream.

  15. What an inspiration you are young man, good luck in all that you do.

  16. #BillyWizz a truly inspirational young man

  17. Respect young Billy, keep going

  18. Such an inspirational young man. Well done. Be safe.

  19. If he makes it onto the F1 grid one day - be one hell of a movie to follow.

  20. What a fantastic boy never let it get to him good luck billy x

  21. Well done billy, you are an amazing young man. Keep smiling. Good luck.😁

  22. very brave,but I do feel for his family because he's taking risks again ... it was awful first time round so why provoke again????

  23. Amazing young man, good luck to him!!

  24. Keep that strong will Billy

  25. Respect to him, brave lad.

  26. Good luck billy hope you go on to win the championship

  27. Ask Richard Branson, Vigin could sponsor him! You are a credit to the racing world young man!

  28. Courageous, inspirational, brave.... well done to him... Be safe

  29. Very brave lad doing something he loves good luck billy

  30. Saw him at Autosport in the NEC and really hope he gets his dream of F1. Nobody deserves it more 👍🏻

  31. Amazing determination Billy! So much respect

  32. This young man is a fantastic role model to kids today. What guts and determination he has! 🌟

  33. Brave guy, fought back against all odd.

  34. Very brave lad, knows what he wants, all the best

  35. What a fantastic inspiration to others. Good luck and let's hope you secure a sponsorship

  36. What an amazing young man

  37. What an amazing young man. xx

  38. Someone sponsor him.....cough ITV.....

  39. Follow your dreams young man. Best wishes x

  40. He such a brave young lad xx

  41. Someone sponsor him please

  42. Good for you Billy, and good luck