BREAKING: Houses of Parliament ‘incident’ sees police swoop on ministerial corridor near Commons

BREAKING: Houses of Parliament ‘incident’ sees police swoop on ministerial corridor near Commons

Incident at Westminster

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  1. No a motion detector saw some evidence of movement !

  2. Please please dont say someone has blown the whole place up with them all inside . . . .. .;)

  3. Apparently a block of ice fell from a RAF and landed on the lawn nowt serious or so Sky news says

  4. Just found out that the Beatles were funded by Corbyn and co. 😏

  5. Nice to see MPS have got protection isn't it????? No wonder they're not bothered about immigration!!!!!! They are SAFE!!!!!

  6. Someone has lost their expenses

  7. oh amazing the police can turn up

  8. Soubry throwing a wobbler... Again.

  9. don t tell me ...they have closed the BAR ?

  10. and in other news tories spend £100 million to stop disabled people getting benefits

  11. Wasn't Anna Soubry with her great big head stuck in a door was it?

  12. Was it a brown envelope full of cash ....

  13. Perhaps they are worried about guyforks paying them a long awaited visit.

  14. one of the 650 actually told the truth and there is an outcry ?

  15. A large box found in a corridor, police are looking into it.

  16. Jeremy Corbyn Streaking through the corridors again shouting Allah Akbar

  17. Less only way to get anything done

  18. Why are they doing something they are not supposed to be doing ???????

  19. Taken along time to catch up with them

  20. They must of run out of Partridge eggs !!! or a top of the range scotch that some lackie forgot to re order.🤗😆😆😆

  21. So that's 3 packages in 2 days..trumos daughter in law assange now parliament ??
    Humm something going down?

  22. Corbyn and May have a punch-up

  23. The whole place is a cesspit of villainy and scum 😎

  24. Refuse men are on their way