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Getting pregnant at 14 doesn't mean an end to doing well at school.

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  1. Yeh she was stupid for getting pregnant at 14, but everyone makes mistakes, its about how you come back from them. She decided to keep the baby and now she's balancing school and being a mum, SO well! This girl is destined for a successful future, as she's doing great in school and I hope she gets into uni! I know people in theirs 20s/30s who'd struggle to manage work life with having kids, and she's doing all that while young and with all the judgment, yet still succeeding! She deserves a lot of praise for how she's dealt with this at such a young age and not let it affect her studies. And a shout out to her teachers for being supportive!

  2. It's lovely to see you all making "nice" comments. 😠 She may have had a baby when she was still a baby herself but who are the rest of us to make derogatory comments to her? I wish her and her beautiful baby all the luck in the world.❤️

  3. Have a happy life. Give your child a happy life and ignore those people who are sad and unhappy in their own life and try to inflict their unhappiness onto you. Hold your head high and God bless you and your beautiful child.

  4. My sister had a baby at 15 she bought her first house at 16 became a childminder at 18 while studying to become a social worker now she’s 49 numerous letters at the end of her name got married happily worked her backside of to have a happy life got a luxury lifestyle so who said it doesn’t pay to have a child at a young age

  5. It was a shock that unprotected sex ended in a pregnancy? What are we teaching people these days. I would agree if she said she took it in the fart box but clearly she didn't.

  6. Kids having kids mental. Don't have a child when you can't work to provide for them.

  7. Good for you .... all the best with uni and raising your little lady. Just shows you with the right support any situation is doable. I'm sure it so hard but you can hold your head up and say you done it!! Xx

  8. Good on her for not only being a fab mum but for finishing her school with fab grades. If I was her mum I would be very proud!! But sex education needs to be better in this country, they should be taught more about sex, relationships contraception and the fact that contraception isn't just used to not get pregnant, so many teen girls are called all sorts for taking the pill

  9. At least she stayed on at school achevied what she has and continues to support her child and be the best mom she can be and not gone on the streets or abandoned her child etc. Good luck to her and her beautiful baby girl!xx

  10. Hats off to her, she seems really mature for her age and having a brilliant family circle has abled her to continue her studies to the best of her ability, well done! Seems like a fabulous mum! X

  11. Fell pregnant? Fell on a dick and got pregnant? Nobody falls pregnant, you have unprotected sex and become pregnant. Who's teaching these kids about birth control? 14 and shagging, makes me sick really. Age of consent must have fallen out of the window.

  12. It's never the right time to have a baby . You had her and proved to everyone that you can do it with school work . Keep your head up high . Hold on to your daughter hands . She will grow so quick . Remember to thank family for help and guidance along your travels. Hope you get into uni xx

  13. She can't claim anything but child benefit is she is under 16 . She is offering her time free and working to make extra and getting amazing grades at school .
    Difficult situations happen but it seems this girl is dealing with it in the best possible way x

  14. Yeah she got pregnant at 14 which is too young but it happens. She is trying to turn her situation around by working hard at school, working part time and volunteering at a soup kitchen. She is being a good role model for her daughter. Plus how many of you criticising her volunteer at a soup kitchen eh?

  15. And what do they say education education. Education. Crap, there is more education out there. Than there as Ever been. It’s a case that some people can not keep there legs shut. And others there brains in there trousers.

  16. I'm amazed things got that far. Where are her parents? Why didn't they educate her? Put her on the pill? Where is the father?

  17. You know, she made a " mistake". She faced the consequences and has a beautiful daughter. She is working and studying, sounds like she is a good role model for her daughter. She is clearly a hardworking, intelligent young woman.

  18. Imagine being so terrible a human being that you make abusive comments to a teenage girl and her baby. What the hell is wrong with people?

  19. So what you've had a baby at that age who are we to judge you xxx as long as you love and care for your little girl that's all that matters x

  20. we all do things thats not expected of us but you are very brave you kept your baby and all credit to you and good luck for the future and your baby is beautiful xxxx

  21. Good on her for turning her life around! Her daughter will be proud of her achievements despite a difficult start.

  22. Having sexual activity under the age of 16 is an offence isn't it? Nice to see the BBC glorifying a crime.

  23. Doesn't mean you should do it

  24. Good luck to her, she should be so very proud of all she has accomplished for herself and her beautiful daughter ❤️

  25. she was utterly lucky to have supportive ppl around so it ended well for her... i wont recommend that school going kids idolize her.. this could have ended so so badly..

  26. "falling" pregnant, she trip, fall over and land on it then 😂

  27. She will never be a normal mum she’s still a child that had a child

  28. Did the father get arrested for child abuse/molestation? He should have.

  29. When your kid starts dating talk about bc, take her to the obgyn

  30. Well done, you and your baby look so happy, good luck in your future XX

  31. Life is a process learn from your mistakes and continue life :)

  32. Have you noticed all the nasty horrible comments on here are comming from men!! Just saying.

  33. So she's the same as all other young mum's (which is most these days) #bigwoop

  34. Happens to millions around the world and to even younger girls so why is she any different

  35. Abbie Wright Ginelle Eastonxo wow