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πŸ™Œ This shop has got rid of single-use packaging altogether.

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  1. In the 50's and early 60's most grocery shops were like this .. I worked in one .. people came in with a shopping bag ... you weighed the veg and tipped it in their bag. Other stuff went into brown paper bags, bread was wrapped in white tissue paper ... zero waste .. no big deal .. but no big profits for packaging companies.

  2. Everything old is new again. Was a member of a co-op in New Orleans in the early 1970’s where we brought our own containers & did the same thing.

  3. For everyone getting worried about the "hygiene" idea. It's only recently all our food has been so heavily packaged. People managed fine for years beforehand when everything wasn't individually wrapped. We have become so picky and OCD about stuff like this

  4. I have gone to a health food store that does the same thing, but stopped buying any thing in open containers after I watched kids playing in them!

  5. We had a shop like this when I was a kid in the 70"s, it was called the Health Food Store, and it was in a line of shops like the Green Grocer, the Butcher, the Milk Bar, the Haberdashery, the Chemist, the Newsagent, the Bottleo... Life was a lot simpler and less constructed

  6. We have bulk bins in Canada but people STILL waste because they dont read the prices...they get to the checkout and say "thats too expensive" and leave it there.... then it just gets thrown away because you cant put it back its unsanitary.

  7. I used to have a Saturday job in a greengrocers when I was 15 and everyone had all their potatoes , veg and fruit in a string bag...all mixed up and the potatoes were so dirty my hands and nails were black by the end of the day Lol. People just bought the amount they wanted and washed them at home

  8. USA should be on board. Always thought things like Laundry detergent and other products should be sold in a store that you bring your own container to fill and go.

  9. Mairee..I love this...very Green Guardian and also I already decant stuff from packets to kilners or tuppaware x

  10. Reminds me of shopping with my mother in the 40's and 50's. Nothing new - just reverting to the more practical ways.

  11. I like the idea, but as someone with a lot of allergies, I'm concerned about the potential for cross-contamination with a setup like this. It looks like it would be very easy for particles of one food to get in another jar.

  12. This is what shopping used to be like before supermarkets. But not of course the range and choice of products.

  13. these shops where everywhere in the late 90's and gradually everyone realised it wasn't much cheaper than high street shops. Maybe this time it will be different.

  14. Great idea! More shops should adopt this idea - let's go back to the old way of shopping even in supermarkets.

  15. They had these shops years ago called weigh and save

  16. This is how it used to be in shops, generations ago - we really need more shops like this πŸ˜€

  17. Yes. In southamerica that exists since years ago... we call it: no money for packaging, bring yours

  18. There was weigh n saves like this every where and they all shut down.

  19. Isn’t this how the body shop started in Brighton

  20. Faye - I'm sure you already know about this place, but i knew you'd like the idea of it 😁

  21. Honey Blue how great is this! We need these where we live! Xx

  22. Charlotte Hawkins in case you haven't seen this and there are any features in this vid that you might like for Waste Not 😊

  23. And make sure they keep their hands off the scales---I catch the Kroger clerks with their fingers on the scale ALL THE TIME.

  24. Gross--no way to tell how old a product is, and they just keep refilling on top the old

  25. It's not a new idea. There used to be shops all over the place called Weigh n Save. They were brilliant because you shovelled whatever you needed into a plastic bag and took it to the counter. They weighed it and charged you mad low prices for decent food. Before there were supermarkets all grocery shops were like this. If you went to the green grocer they weighed stuff and tipped it into whatever bag you'd taken in. It's nice to see the idea coming back again though even if it's in a more posy way. Because it's a 'fashionable' way to shop it'll probably cost a small fortune to shop there sadly.

  26. Yes we have these in Brighton too in the open market

  27. The Green Parrot in Swaffham has been doing this for ages.

  28. Smart! One just need to get used to it and bring the container.

  29. Wish they sold refill rolls of foil, cling wrap etc.

  30. We use to have one shop like that in peckham in the 80s it shut down after a few year

  31. this is great, well done for leading the way

  32. Love this concept which is how it was when I was a kid x

  33. I remember a shop like this in the 70s in Stopsley Luton. Not a new idea at all

  34. What a fantastic idea - this should be everywhere

  35. Excellent idea, should be in all shops.

  36. Look Scott Lawson Olga Lawson they have bought back Weigh and save like it's new and POSH lol

  37. Excellent idea, should be in all shops.

  38. Come on Cary! Room on Tuesday Market for a supplier....

  39. They had something like this year ago.

  40. I think it a good idea i which we had one in york 😊

  41. it is basically the same as it was in the old days - a good thing

  42. it's how it was in the old days

  43. Cathrine Bradley-Butt Johnson remember we was talking about something like this the other day..

  44. Just imagining how many containers I'd have to take with me to do a shop lol

  45. There used to be a 'weighhouse' when I was a student in Newcastle

  46. Lorraine McCrea this reminds me of The Scoop Shop in ddee 😁

  47. Wendy Taylor this is what I was telling you about xxx

  48. Tristana Rodriguez...I'd love to live in Bristol for this shop! πŸ˜‰

  49. Keith Barbara Rooke this is what mum has been talking about! X

  50. Michelle Higgins have you been in here yet looks good

  51. I remember they used to have one like this in Canton.

  52. It’s fine if everyone’s hands are clean

  53. I look forward to have one in Leamington Spa !!!

  54. Melissa Gray Steele twra to agapas ligo parapanw

  55. oh my goods ..european food too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. What scoop here did about 30 years ago !

  57. This needs to come to stourport

  58. It's like the old scoop shops

  59. Wasn't this called EasyWeigh back in the 80's ???

  60. most excellent, what a good idea