Avengers: Infinity War – NEW TRAILER

Avengers: Infinity War – NEW TRAILER

Avengers: Infinity War – NEW TRAILER

Posted by Marvel March 16, 2018, 1:06 p.m.

Watch the BRAND NEW trailer for Avengers: Infinity War here! Box office now open… book your tickets for the opening night today at dis.ne/avengers-infinity-war

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  1. I swear to god if anyone dies I will cry

  2. Rebecca Plant I know you like Marvel this looks amazing

  3. I'm 38 years old and I think I just pee'd my pants.

  4. Thanos’ expression when cap holds him back while he’s packing two infinity stones. Holy shitballs!!!

  5. Hope we see Scarlett Witch lose control and at the end of Infinity War - Nick fury takes her to see Professor X

  6. I literally can not wait for this film I'm 38 and I'm ready to suit up and join them... although I don't know what a site manager from basildon will bring to the table... Maybe my ability to make people laugh with posts will come in handy 😂😂😂😂

  7. Fellow fans don't you wish that the characters were more like straight outa the comics like physical appearance,I know the actors work out but to nothing like there meant to look,maybe full cgi would be better than over paid actor's

  8. Heyyyyy .... Where's The Hulk ??
    Just because he takes up a little bit more leg room on the plane huh ??

  9. Almost to scared to watch this movie in case I get a severe case of emotional distress. This movie is going to be a rollercoaster of a ride. Probably be watching it through the gaps between my fingers.. :😥😥

  10. Chu 'glp' H, Maiwand Panezai Conspiracy theory when Samuel Jackson's character opens the brief case in Pulp Ficton the yellow glow is an infinity stone...this causes him to freak out and become Nick Fury haha


  11. Just utter amazing! <3 I can't see Loki living for long. Hands over the tesseract in exchange for his life, Thanos maybe kills him (either way, he's betrayed Thor, again) for failing him the first time round, Squeezes Thors head and leaves him for dead and destroys the ship, the guardians him up, He tells them what happened and they, minus 2 members, go to warn earth, while Thor, Rocket and Groot look for weapon forger (Maybe Peter Pinklage)
    Not looking good for Cap, either :'(

  12. No way cap is holding thanos off like that when iron man got smacked down by him with his no gauntlet hand and Thor is getting destroyed with one hand, is cap holding an infinity stone I wonder?

    Strange for me is in his astral form when he is being attacked hence the shush because no one can hear him scream.

    Iron man potentially dead before the third act? No signs of him in wakanda but I think starlord is saying that’s a terrible idea referring to wakanda as a last stand, hence why there is no guardians, Spider-Man, doctor steange and iron man present there, they obviously have a different idea and possible meet up with Thor.

    Hulk is almost certainly in the hulk buster and bursts out of it after maybe he sees Natasha in trouble? Or even die? I think at the start hulk gets stomped so and by thanos it prevents banner turning into him as he is scared not angry, just a theory!

    I also think Loki is there as a captive and is about to be executed infront of Thor.

    I’d like to know everyone else’s thoughts!

  13. If cap doesn’t die in part two then I will be disappointed. We can’t have all this build up and not have one of the main men die. We know iron man won’t because RDJ is a greedy little weasel and would play iron man until he dies in real life age 112

  14. Man I hope when Black Panther says to get Cap a shield that it's a vibranium shield that materialises like Panthers Suit 😍
    -Cap throws seemingly nothing-
    -Thanos stands still-
    -Thanos gets bonked on the nose-

  15. Worried from seeing this trailer that Doctor Strange & Thor might die....
    But then again, most avengers will die in this movie and be brought back to life 😏

  16. Nicole Angove Kelly Joseph!! We need 1) a marvel movie marathon 2) a babysitter for 3) tickets to go, possibly the gallery tickets for Cardiff? 😁😁

  17. Captain America holding Thanos with some of the stones in place?? I really don't think that's ending well for Rogers :(

  18. Yeah, there's no way that Captain Pansy is stopping a punch from Thanos. Hulk maybe, on a good day, if he's angry enough.

  19. to see thor head getting crush by Thanor i can see why loki hand over the gem stone to saved his brother if it mean loki was going died save his brother -wailed-

  20. aaaaaaaaaaa I can’t control my anxiety anymore 😵 Babe Iza I’m gonna die at the cinema be ready for this okay 😁

  21. So looking forward to this tony and Bucky scenes with rocket !!! I’m gonna have to go see this least twice 😊 watched the trailer loads already 😌

  22. This is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster of emotions. Everything in that trailer is just WOW!!!!

  23. 10 years in the making the hype is building up to it. Hope it's gunna be one mammoth of ride can't wait.....

  24. Adam it looks even better if that is possible! Thanos getting a shock with "Cap" awesome!!!

  25. ♥️ So looking forward to this, I get goosebumps when I see he trailer. Not looking forward to the deaths that we know know will happen 😪

  26. Andrew Singleton Stephen Thomas Melia Matty Potter 😱 The little boy in me is crying right now with excitement!! Can...not...wait!

  27. I'm not gunna beat about the bush I just made a mess in my pants , wow just wow that looks good Carl Seaward

  28. We always knew it will come, but are we ready for it?

  29. Gianluca de Trizio Phoebë Naomí Stanger-Mills I just had a trouser accident. We need to see this. Braxted day out... And luca

  30. Oh my god that look incredible I swear goosebumps watching that

  31. Wow. Go on cap! Loving it. Greatest birthday present I could ask for. Bring it on. #suitup

  32. Omg just realised It’s just a film and stopped myself from having a wank lol 😂

  33. Rebecca I'M SO EXCITED. Feel like a 12 year old. What a trailer.

  34. This is going to have to be a famalam cinema trip! Alyson, Barry

  35. Leanne Herron we are watching this that Friday night! No ifs or buts!

  36. I'm looking forward to seeing this!

  37. Marie Walter enfin sorti !!! Le soldat d'hiver est la aussi non ?

  38. Anyone else love the cap bit with thanos and his hand? Absolutely buzzing for it.

  39. Craig it's here!!! Annnnnnnnnd I need a change of drawers

  40. Wow wow wow, just watched this three times in a row. I'm too excited.

  41. Rhys Cox OH MY GOD

    I'm booking tickets when I get in I take it you are coming

  42. Richard & Richard I think I might have had an accident in my below region...

  43. Omg looks amazing can't wait to go and see it 😎

  44. Jayne we having a mate date for this like?

  45. Rich Chadwick can you please catch up and get excited again pleeeasse! This has me very very moist.....

  46. Brandon Shield you know when I said I was sick of marvel, well this actually looks good

  47. Has anyone been kicked out of a cinema before for ejaculating everywhere?

  48. Dan Lee we have to go to the cinema for this!!

  49. Colm do you still avoid trailers?

  50. Jordan Taylor I've never been so turned on before in my life.

  51. Wow!Anyone else think it was amazing the way Steve just stopped Thanos from smashing his skull in😱

  52. Midnight screening and cans? 🤔 Conor Dylan

  53. Omg... I'm so excited to see this Rob Brown xxx

  54. Michael Dean Nathan Clark SHOOK!!! (Nathan, the last scene with Thor will make you wet)

  55. Connor Dickinson-Hood I literally can’t wait any longer for this, cap stopping thanos fak me

  56. Literally don’t know what to do with myself!! Just keep watching this over and over again!! 🤤🤤🤤

  57. Liam James Richard Mark Caroline Watt
    If...i mean WHEN this is premiering in Edinburgh were going!! 😍😍😍

  58. Georgie Adams Brad Buchanan I’m preparing myself for the pain this will cause me