Apple Pie Ice Cream

Apple Pie Ice Cream

Apple Pie Ice Cream

Posted by UNILAD Grub Feb. 26, 2018, 10:46 p.m.

We're heading straight to McDonalds 🏃🏽🍦

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  1. Bet the damn ice cream machine is still broke

  2. They need to have a caramel one

  3. Josh Cox first the Nando’s halloumi fries ... now this ... honestly man🤗😂😂🤙🤙

  4. Maryam Tariq that’s what I do with McFlurry anyways 😂

  5. Katrina Leonardis no more buying just vanilla ice cream and an apple pie to mix it your self

  6. Lol. But they're ice cream machines always broken

  7. Rhys I think I you’ll love this xxx

  8. Helena Basford an apple pie and a toffee Sunday would be great right now 🤤🤤

  9. James Ellis seems like the FBI have been monitoring our calls dude 😳

  10. Monica Watts I love maccas apple pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. Chris Fisher this will save us buying both lol

  12. Molly-Mai Fox-Hardiee this reminds me of you 😂😂 Apple pie and McFlurry

  13. Channele Stephens i need the chocolate one so much 🍦🍫

  14. Cassie Ayala did we not invent this?

  15. I owned a ice cream store, machines must be cleaned and sanitized....guess their employees done want the hassle of doing that...machines broken is the answer lol

  16. From someone who actually works at a McDonalds I have heard nothing of this but I know people are actually ordering an apple pie blended into the McFlurries which is pretty hard to make tbh

  17. That's nothing new, it's only just now official lol. My neighborhood McDonald's been doing this secret menu item for years. We take an apple pie or any the pies, put it into a cup with ice cream.

  18. First of all- most IF NOT ALL McDonald’s employees (past or present) know that McDonalds been selling this just not ADVERTISING the Apple Pie Ala Mode it’s just missing the caramel topping haha

  19. They will never have that at the McDonald's by my house because their ice cream machineisalways broke

  20. Another thing for McDonald’s to fail to supply for our 3 way wedding, “wiener out of pie, ice cream machine broken” blah blah eat my arse.

    Mcdangle & Jake

  21. Noreen Akhtar this immediately made me think of you and taking me to McDonald’s at uni and getting a McFlurry and apple pie! Hope you and your gorgeous little family are well! xx

  22. I have never been to a Mcdonalds where the Ice cream machine was broken. You must have shitty McDonalds in America.

  23. Their ice cream machines are never, or hardly cleaned. There are much better places for ice cream/soft serve. Dairy Queen, Paciugo, or Ben & Jerry's. Hell, even Baskin Robbins, or Cold Stone.

  24. Stephen Cao tbh not appealing to me but this is a sign that we should actually go to McDonald’s LOL

  25. This would be wonderful, if only the freaking ice cream machine worked. Can't have ice cream with a broken ice cream machine.

  26. So they take the cheeseburger out of the kids meal for health reasons but then they add this not that I'm complaining it looks delicious 😂😂😂

  27. Geana Hepburn But there's no pies in the oven, ever, so hopefully you just want ice cream in a bowl of disappointment.

  28. Ben Butterly ur lucky day man chocolate, ice cream and maccyds apple pie all scooped into a bowl of I’d rather shoot myself in the head ☺️

  29. Ash Elford I’m sure it was you who introduced this idea to me 🤔🤔🤔 you should have suggested it to Ronald McDonald himself, back in the day 🍦🍦🍦

  30. These would be amazing!
    Too bad no one will ever get to try one, their ice cream machine is sadly still broken.

  31. Hayley Doig takes the piss never in uk ffs England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 sucks 😤😤😤👎, but u can always buy the sundae n pie n make it so case closed 🤣😭😭🤦🏽‍♂️

  32. Jenn Johnson this is what I want 😂 I always see you come back with pie and I always think “if only they had it with ice cream”

  33. Raphael, our version was so much better. #cookietote #vendingmachineReeses #ballinonabudget #sharingiscaring #mEmories

  34. Their freaking ice cream/shake machine is broken all the time. We probably won’t ever get to try one. 🙄

  35. Neil Perry - see I've been doing this for ages now, dipping the apple pie in the ice cream... Someone must have watched me 😂

  36. Patricia Marie Cortez remember how we used to make our own apple pie mcflurry when we worked there??? im craving some right 12:30 am XD

  37. So stupid, why release a new ice cream product, when Their machines are always “broken” or “down” 🤦🏽‍♀️😒

  38. Werique Oliveira let's go after training on sat, my shout. Riccardo also but he doesn't have fb, what a loser

  39. Trent Jerome. Tom McDonald this should have been behind the triple mc flurry. Maccas have no sense for advertising.

  40. Girl the ice cream machine been broke so long i went for a shake they told me the shake machine broken too. What’s next 😂😂 Charli Tilbury

  41. No they don’t. The ice cream machine is broken. You will get an Apple pie broken in two halves with topping.

  42. Our ice cream machine in East ridge Tennessee is broke been down for months .. like why can't ya freaking fix shitt

  43. Mayra Santizo how they gonna sell this when their ice cream machines are always broken😑

  44. I’m at Mc Donald’s rn and they said they don’t make them and don’t know a store that does

  45. Craig Orrell why haven’t we thought of this? Lol

  46. Lol I did this way back in 2010. Anyone working there did it.

  47. Michelle Ta This actually looks good....

  48. Jordan Davis now you know they ain’t have to do this to me

  49. Steven Hong wowow you called it

  50. What are your thoughts? Emily Ruth

  51. Tony Rosario midnight snacks have gotten better


  53. @heather I feel like you would buy this lol 😂😩

  54. Shana Kong next stop after kfa

  55. Bryann Gomeʐ even though I don’t like McDonald’s we got to try this!🤣

  56. I don’t no why when 99% of the time the ice cream machine is not working

  57. Leron this looks like something you’d enjoy....if it wasn’t from McDonald’s

  58. Lisa Isn’t this what we would always do at McDonald’s? Haha

  59. Not at our McDonald’s they haven’t had a working ice cream machine in months

  60. Richard Godinez omg! Probably the only reason I would ever go to McD!! 😍

  61. Chelsea Leach Virginia Kerr our McDonald’s has always had these lol but the strawberry looks good

  62. I don’t eat fast food but McDonald’s that looks so good

  63. until the ice cream machine is down. I attempted to go to Mickey D's for the first time yesterday in 5 years. what happens fucking machine down😂😂😂

  64. Pick up one when you get my hamburger from McDonald's while seeing your client.

  65. I will mix pizza hut's apple pie and MacDonald's ice cream 🤑

  66. Rashaad McKenzie bet if I go to McDonald’s and ask for this their ice cream machine won’t be working for some reason 😂

  67. Keminys Orta 😱😱 Apple pies the only thing I like from McDonald’s

  68. Camryn Jackson i haven’t had McDonald’s in over a month and they do this. They know

  69. where??? what states serve this cause we just called our local mcdonalds and they said they never serve those

  70. When i worked at McDonald’s I would put the strawberry creme pie’s inside my plain mcflurry😬😩😍