And we're live from the UEFA Champions League draw

And we're live from the UEFA Champions League draw

And we're live from the UEFA Champions League draw

Posted by April 13, 2018, 10:16 a.m.

And we're live from the UEFA Champions League draw... 🏆 🔈

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champions league joke, irgendwie mies aber trzd, bitter aber auch witzig, das ist eindeutig eine schei, catanese ist, harry kane,


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  2. If you don’t think it was a pen you are simply a doughnut

  3. Buffon will be playing into his 80s and still trying to win his first champions league

  4. Buffon is a living Legend not many players will ever reach his greatness ⚽️💪🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  5. Remember when Italy milked a penalty over Australia in the 2006 world cup in the 89min? Karma came back

  6. If you’re any sort of football fan you’d show a bit more respect for one of the greatest keepers ever.

  7. Jay Panaich for once a champions league joke not directed at arsenal 😂

  8. Mounir Sed hhhh the refereee from Madrid vs Juventus 😂😂😂😂

  9. But buffon was there in milano

  10. Sheá Lappin Pete Smith Seán Murray look at the head he pulls picking out the ball hahaha

  11. England FA refree are very poor in standard nowdays,make many mistakes,even got xtra reff at goal post and var tech,thats why wc 18 no english reff,overated just like kane

  12. Fox il-mejtin kollha tieghek, jirah jahxulek il-mara u tispicca bhal ta’ 12 years a slave u b’bintek maghha.

  13. I thot you said the draw was at 12 Steven

  14. Rene Schöner-Catanese
    Ist dad schon Majestätsbeleidigung?

  15. Joshua Corney can't get over that voice

  16. Jack Lowry Yo they wrong for this😂😂😂😂

  17. Dario Danilo si troppo simpatiche ste cose!!!! Ahahahahahah Gianluigi

  18. Delio Panaro scusami..non ce l'ho fatta a non taggarti Loiz De Fois

  19. Ptdrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr je ne m'y attendais pas Tomm Benjamin

  20. Matt Barca, it’s never gonna stop!

  21. Matt Hitchen when the music kicks in on this hahahaha

  22. Harprit Sandhu NAHHH, That’s fucking peakk Buffon got robbed 😰😔

  23. Alexis Leonardi je m’attendais pas à ça c’est chien mais c’est drôle 😂

  24. Andy Kerr am sorry but I howled

  25. Niall Kennedy for fuck sake hahahaha 😭💔😂😂

  26. Tal li** eh qed jamel issa 😂

    Bjorn Sammut

  27. Mirko das ist eindeutig eine scheiß Seite 😡

  28. Astro Sakalis I demand an investigation

  29. Jan Schußmann 😂😂 der schiri eine ganze Nation hasst den jetzt 😂

  30. Jilake...Muhammad Taufik Adnan...yg ni gelak pecah perut🤣🤣🤣

  31. Josip Budimir hahahahaha gledaj kretene

  32. Christian Ziemke schon bitter aber auch witzig 😂

  33. Mohd Rahimi wakakakakakakakaa depa mainkn perasaan org tua

  34. Not Barcelona vs. Not Juventus

  35. tacci vostra m'avete pure fattpo veni' l'ansia

  36. Who matched FC Barcelona? Oh wait...