After seven decades, doesn't Prince Charles deserve to lead the Commonwealth?

After seven decades, doesn't Prince Charles deserve to lead the Commonwealth?
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While Prince Charles will eventually succeed to the throne, he isnโ€™t a shoo-in as the Head of the Commonwealth.

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  1. Open it up to all. Because there is no vote rigging or voting interference in any of the CW countries. What could possibly go wrong? I mean vote in FIFA was always open an transparent.

  2. Why? What has he done to earn it.We have to stand up against this sort of behaviour and comment. As a civilised people we must stop this everything for nothing. Inheritance of wealth and power. This stunts all of us. We all have to be where we are by merit. No one is born better than another. To organise as it where is both ignoring potentially and logic.

  3. No. Show to the world that leading the Commonwealth isnt a forgone conclusion and give the honour to someone more deserving, rather than an inherited title handed down to the already privilaged.

  4. No and neither did his mother but it never stopped her did it, as she is Not the True Rightful Queen of Britain, Just a descendant of German Pretenders.

  5. Its a heriditary constutional monarchy. Our Monarch will be theirs unless they leave. The commonwealth doesn't get a vote. Nor do we. It is up to the Queen only.

  6. Britain should focus on its CW trade than anglo german EU trade... anglophones of the world Unite

  7. Deserve?
    No itโ€™s not like the crown one just inherits

  8. Deserve? Not sure that's how hereditary monarchy works....

  9. Borobi the blue koala would be my choise.

  10. No he lies and is untrust worthy, do not forget what he did to Dianna

  11. Why ask if you already have someone else in mind.

  12. No commonwealth belongs to the crown. Who ever inherits it is commonwealth leader. He may be popular in england. But CW is not just england

  13. I like his organic farming, sustainability and enviromental work. I think he would make a good King.

  14. His mother doesn't think so.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  15. I love his carnival attempt .The man has it.