#AdEnough | Jamie Oliver

#AdEnough | Jamie Oliver

#AdEnough | Jamie Oliver

Posted by Jamie Oliver April 25, 2018, 11:10 a.m.

#AdEnough update with Dr Chatterjee! Cross party letter supporting #AdEnough so no more obstacles in for Theresa May.

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  1. Hey guys, here's the link to the Times article http://jamieol.com/iAs9DD

  2. The sad thing is Healthy is expensive and unhealthy is cheaper. Don't know how but that is what needs to change.

  3. All the junk food is considerably cheaper than the food that's good for you, doesn't make sense, if the food that is good for you was cheaper people might eat better

  4. Kids can watch as many or as little junk food ad’s but it’s the parents to buy / fed the child !!?? More responsibility from the parent ??

  5. You know that the newspaper text is reversed by the camera Jamie, right?

  6. FAB Jamie, I agree so much with what you are saying I work with families in Swindon, all children should have food and nutrition in school as the norm

  7. Shout it from the roof tops Jamie!!!! Love your work xx

  8. Well said Oliver, love your work

  9. thank you Jamie!! We are grateful to you!

  10. Keep up the good work you are a real life superhero

  11. You are an amazing man Jamie. You do such good work. Thank you. x

  12. Anyone who says healthy food is expensive is just uneducated.....a bag of rice is not expensive beans are not expensive vegetables are not expensive all very healthy

  13. There are so many more additives and preservatives in packaged food now than years prior that are seriously insane for health. Yet governments still allow the food manufacturers to use them.....

  14. Hi Jamie have you noticed that in low socio economic suburbs there is always a Maccas / Hungry Jacks, but in wealthier areas, you never see a Maccas.

  15. The other problem is how companies keep making healthy options unhealthy...anyone see the chocolate humus filled with sugar? Yogurt with cookies and candy toppers?

  16. I budget for organic food which may feel pricey but in the long run junk food will cause illnesses/diseases/diabetes/mental health issues which will cost way more in both money and way of life

  17. Please don't try to ban glucose drinks, they are vital for type 1 diabetics in a hypo - they work faster than anything else!

  18. Dental health is affected from day 1 too. The development and protection of first teeth is at huge risk. We only get one adult set of teeth, so it needs to start from day 1.

  19. Cook healthy meals? Most kids dont know how to cool scramble eggs. It comes down to good parenting. Guiding kids and mentoring them what is healthy.

  20. Healthy choice as much as we can. ..but kfc once a month ...good job though. ..i dont watch tv...only movies on foxtel so no ads...but the flavour is ingrained ...bloody salt ...we all love it ... <3

  21. I would never EVER eat junk food,always healthy veg fruit when I can low fat low carbs n no fizzy drinks....!!! I have a brain I know what's good n what's not...!!!!

  22. Why don’t you stop dictating to others what and how they live their lives your not exactly slim Jamie I think your a hypocrite and only doing it for the notoriety

  23. Major food chains sell fast food 2 that shall remain nameless. Cant believe how ppl use it as a meal it is called Fast Food for a reason and these parents give it too their kids☹

  24. Healthy food should be cheaper than junk. The average family struggle to put healthy meals on the table cos of the cost. Love from Qld, Australia

  25. Shame you did not think of the diabetic people when placing tax on energy drinks like lucozade. Diabetics have to suffer enoug without having to increase their cost of suffering

  26. If you have been to Riyadh, you will know what obesity, diabetes and sugar problems are, Ramadan is a Religious time, but ends up in feasting and huge sugar intakes.

  27. Stop talking rubbish Jamie - children don't belong to the government. ... its up to parents to lead by example and make the correct food choices.

  28. I never understood fast food marketing around children. For example: McD sponsor sports tournaments. Children get unlimited hamburgers, it is rubbish and children think it is normal to get this.

  29. You can still have these things but all in moderation, we have soft drink and water, my boys choose what they want, most times it's water.

  30. Our cafe at the school removed 95% of the sugars on the retail side we worked on a healthy interesting menu and the kids didnt even complain

  31. We need the NHS to start looking at root cause and not one pill for one ill. People think I'm nuts when I talk about this stuff!

  32. Make it a priority to take time to feed your kids healthy food and drum it into their heads how important it is and how good it can make you feel!

  33. Hi Jamie I have lost 4 1/2 stone on my own wish there was more help when I was younger but ha ho I’ve done it know just got 7 lb to go

  34. I agree with all you are saying. Hopefully the right government people are listening. This is a problem all over the world.

  35. Actually we can find more chefs than really cookers for all over the places. Anyway, nice to see you and you're a really old cooker. Cheers from Portugal

  36. Great point! Imagine Disney promoting healthy options. Wow! Kids would love to eat healthy food! Come on Disney!!!

  37. True Jamie, people need to be more responsable regarding children s food. Children= future meaning sick people= bad future

  38. When I see a parent using the excuse of oh we will get Maccas family meal tonight to be together is Pathetic

  39. You can always rely on an Essex person to have their say! I know I'm a former Southender!! Good work Jamie! xx

  40. I don't think schools should offer cake and cookies for a pudding at dinner time. It should be fruit only x

  41. I agree with everything you say. What is happening is awful. So much education is needed and resources for all ...

  42. Love what you are doing. Will save a lot of drama at home if the kids don’t know about these products!

  43. Healthy eating and education of same begins in home with the parents...Teach your kids to eat healthy foods.. NO JUNK

  44. Training y 10 year old since he was 6 to understand how much 4g of sugar is and how to read the labels.

  45. Hello Jamie, very good the idea to change the children eating habits, not only in England but in all the world

  46. Education is crucial - a lot of so called healthy foods are loaded with sugar, carbs and bad fats! #eatclean

  47. Hello from Australia 🇦🇺 Not only a huge health issue but packaged junk is also massively detrimental to the environment. Thanks Jamie 👍🏼👍🏼

  48. My sons primary school got rid of the lea s school catering company and the food there is now amazing, freshly made every day, the choice is amazing. I don’t understand why every school can’t do the same.

  49. Hello from South Florida, USA! Bravo! Thanks for your resistance and for caring about the kids! #NOJUNKFORKIDS

  50. You pop into my world Jamie and if you can help me with meals and you will solve the world? From Norwich

  51. U test people like you!? Are drink alcohol or tack the drogs!? Whai talk about ..next people and don't talk about you

  52. The Dr advised the NHS had to change What are these changes that he is thinking.? Surely not a model like the USA.
    Fully support strategic government initiatives that educate the public in nutrition and health.

  53. My 4 children dislike fizzy drinks and absolutely love fruit and veg Thank goodness 😅

  54. You deserve the rite to choose, yes options 🙌

  55. Your a chef not a politician wind your neck in

  56. Day centres and care homes need to take note too. A lot of people in the system sit around a lot due to their disabilities. A lot more can be done with regard to diet to stop them developing excess weight and heart problems,

  57. Yamie good morning Happy Day Beautiful Man kisesss

  58. Fresh healthy food should be available for everyone and easy to option

  59. Adenonogh junk food needs banning xx

  60. Obesity is a normal response to an abnormal food environment. Nice on Jamie!

  61. Advertisers pitching to school kids waiting for a bus! Disgusting.

  62. A well presented Plant based diet is brilliant for our health

  63. Hi Jamie, is always nice to see you!! Xx

  64. Hey Jamie, get a dentist on there too x

  65. Hy from Zqgreb, Croatia... Learn alot from you, thank you😘