AR Pool Aid Designed To Improve Your Game

AR Pool Aid Designed To Improve Your Game

AR Pool Aid Designed To Improve Your Game

Posted by UNILAD Tech June 12, 2018, 11:15 p.m.

We all know someone who's pool game needs improving! 🎱😂

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  1. All credit goes to Pool Live Aid! Be sure to check them out for more here! -

  2. Rolf Eidsath, as a teaching tool this looks great, but I could just see someone wanting to play like that.... LMAO...God I sound old... Do you think our Grand Father's said the same thing when automatic transmissions were first introduced?

  3. Lucas!!!! Was sag ich immer wenn wir spielen?! Die Linien, die in der App sind fehlen !! 😆 Meine Idee seit Jahren und jetzt macht jemand richtig Asche damit 😫😱

  4. I think it shouldn't display the whole track, only the beginning like 8 Ball pool, like having a game experience on real life

  5. Dhruv Patel This could be a handicap for people who arent good to give us some more competition lol

  6. It's cheating, plain and simple. I don't want it.

  7. But, then are you really playing the game anymore...? Or is the game playing you? 🤔😉

  8. What ever happened to playing, practicing and becoming good at something on your own?

  9. Anas next time we play the black off the cushion 😂

  10. Mat Rouby voila c'qu'il faut pour qu'on te batte au billard. Lol.

  11. That’s not the point of playing.

  12. They did it on Quantum Leap! Episode “ Pool Hall Blues . Season 2 E18,

  13. Doesn't take into account english or variations in speed.

  14. I've got the pool skills of a potato, could do with this

  15. I've found my way to beating you at pool Steven Calvert!

  16. Phillip White make a pool shark out of you with this lol

  17. Nick hier, krijg jij ook een keer de kans om te winnen

  18. Dan Gray you need this installed at the Saxon hahah....

  19. Jay Anderson tell rutila he need this pool table to improve his pool game.😂

  20. Eleanor you could be in luck for pool against Yatesy 🤣

  21. Carys I'm srry but even then you'd do horribly

  22. Cheating? In a game, maybe, unless you’re both using it, but what about as a practice tool?

  23. Well, How do I know my stroke rate?

  24. Timidy Tamidy có muốn đầu tư công nghệ cho cty nhà làm? =)))))

  25. Jess Curtis could get this for you haha

  26. We could've used this at the VI! Cameron Drew

  27. Paul Romeiro I’m gonna get this lol

  28. Dobre Aurel singura modalitate sa câștigi impotriva mea 😂😂😂

  29. Stuart mate I could of used this back in the Newport days haha

  30. Joshua, Samantha, probs need this ay 😂😂

  31. Alex Brush do u need this? haha

  32. Joy Shalom😁 u definitely need this

  33. Maybe now you can win Thibault Pgn

  34. Necesitamos una de éstas Gerardo Mayra Tania

  35. Dave Bowden you need this but for snooker 😉😏

  36. Tony Canero you could be doing with this

  37. Reece Hurley... pretty cool. I could use

  38. Daniel Medeiros Veiga assim, quem sabe, vc não ganha de mim! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  39. Austin Szova we would still get it off the table

  40. Ansha Greene is this the solution to beat vance?!

  41. Bill Whittaker what happened to learning the game?

  42. Jono Budd Jack Russell if Hoi An had one of these we’d be right

  43. Ethan Cannon you could use the help tbh

  44. Conner Lake Fraser Harding if only you guys had this when we played 😉

  45. Christopher Clarke we needed this the other night swear

  46. Ragnar kanskje me endelig får til å spille med en sånn?

  47. Giomar, Alex... Por alguna razon me acorde ustedes.. jajaja

  48. You can't improve in a cheating system :)

  49. Fadil now you can finally beat me 😊😊😊

  50. Clyde Quitola Id still pocket the cue ball

  51. Sohail Atif Hashid Hamza this looks sickk! Who needs this??

  52. Jonny might be able to finally beat me with this 😘

  53. Juliet Noble Yinlu Zhu I guess it will be like the text message pool

  54. Dunia lo que ocupas para ganarme rey.

  55. Valentina López Lay .... aprende para que me des competencia 😂😂😂😂

  56. Juan Tabarez nomas así me ganarías we

  57. Krešimir Špehar 20 kn ti 25 ja i uzmemo hahhahahag

  58. Jordy Both misschien kan je zo wel winnen??

  59. Dominik Sívek něco pro tebe, ty amatére :DDD

  60. A lo mejor así si te puedo ganar Tania Yepez Barradas

  61. evangeline watch this helpful videoooooo

  62. Whelp.. it could be cheating.. but very smart..

  63. Bah Mihai in caz de ai uitat !