A sister's pain over uni-bound London stab victim

A sister's pain over uni-bound London stab victim

A sister's pain over uni-bound London stab victim

Posted by ITV News Feb. 16, 2018, 11:16 p.m.

"I grieve for my brother."

A sister shares her pain after her brother Promise Nkenda becomes the third teenager to be stabbed to death in London this year - just after he was accepted to university.

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  1. So sorry for the terrible thing that happened to your lovely son.We need more police on the streets and parents need to be looking at their children.Why are they carrying knives?Where are they getting them from?How many more children must die before communities take action?

  2. He hadn’t even lived his life! Poor family and poor boy! Heart breaking!! Knives and guns need banning this is just awful!

    And for everyone moaning what he had or hadn’t done or been part of etc. No one knows but it doesn’t excuse someone stabbing him to death!!! This is so wrong. What a scary world we live in.. can’t even walk down the street safe!

  3. Sorry for your loss. Only one person to put the blame on is Mr Khan. He has done nothing to make London safe!! Ask him why crime is UP in London since he took charge!!

  4. What is wrong with these kids now? Why is it mainly Londinistan where these people hold life in such low esteem? Stop and search was deemed racist, doh! Get a grip of your neighbourhoods with force, don't worry about upsetting the people committing, crying racism when arrested, you broke the law, end of!

  5. Rest in peace. But i think national service should be compulsory for 16-17 year olds. There's to many young people following I'm a wannabe gangster look.

  6. RIP, we don't know the full story of this horrible murder. I don't know if this was night time or not, but I really believe there should be a curfew on teen-agers. There is no reason for them to be roaming the streets after 11pm. If they are caught then it's a fine at least.

  7. My heart goes out to you and your devastated family.
    Such a cruel heartless act!
    May the perpetrators be found and punished severely. This won't bring your brother back but hopefully harsh sentencing will prevent more terrible acts like this.

  8. What ever happened this is such a sad story and terrible for his poor family and friends what ever has happened to our world when this is aloud to happen my thoughts are with them all xx

  9. This really need to be stopped , was hardly ever heard of happening , what on earth is happening to this country , a bright future robbed and another family ruined , for what ???

  10. You can not Educate the Illiterate this will never stop in London it is now Firmly a 3 world Ghetto --Thank you Sadiq for all your efforts

  11. What is the full story though ,who were his friends or gang members

  12. so sad .... r.i.p young man
    .. love go out to all the family and friends god bless xxxxxx

  13. R I P Promise, another life ended for no good reason. Condolences❤️

  14. So sorry for your loss. We need more police on the line to put a stop to this nonsense.

  15. So very sorry to hear of this young man's death, dearest sympathy to all his family. 💖

  16. When will this all end no where is safe anymore

  17. Heartbreaking a fine young man what is happening in the world so sad for his family

  18. Sorry to see your sad news ...what a waste when he had his whole life infront of him ...RIP promise 😣

  19. no one cares who gets killed as its not making the police no money this kind of crime cost them a lot so they try to do as little as they can

  20. You kidding me. This is a joke

  21. So sorry for your loss :-( RIP young man 💙

  22. How can the government do more when the black community won't tell or say who they are. They belive that they must not snitch. This is so stupid.!!!