A cat who works at a train station got promoted after five years of hard work

A cat who works at a train station got promoted after five years of hard work

Good job

Intero Articolo: The Independent


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  1. And when you creep into your cosy berth
    And pull up the counterpane,
    You ought to reflect that it's very nice
    To know that you won't be bothered by mice--
    You can leave all that to the Railway Cat,
    The Cat of the Railway Train! (Skimbleshanks by T.S. Eliot)

  2. They are still hiring? I've got an unemployed cat...

  3. There you go feminists this Cat even has a job, that'll easily make up for the fact that you can't get a boyfriend😆

  4. Jesse sounds like a your type of story

  5. Works harder than our 'president' in South Africa! Smarter too...

  6. Funny enough my Dog is unemployed 😢

  7. Hannah Lentn I don’t like cats but I respect his hard work

  8. Still we have many unemployed cats here ....

  9. Lauren Murphy time for cal to start paying rent, no excuses now 😂

  10. Oscar Rufus también puede a contribuir monetariamente. 🤔

  11. very old news to reshare.... must be a quite news day, have the muslims not blown anything up today>

  12. Sophia Bellion I think you will be really happy for this chap. X

  13. Jerome Durnin.....your job can't be that hard pal 😉

  14. Courtney Hill this cat has a better job than me rn

  15. PLOT TWIST: all other railway staff have taken pay cuts.

  16. Stephanie-Francesca Mason I’m glad his hard work has paid off. He looks like a go getter

  17. i hope your cat will be as good Lucie Fvr

  18. Victoria Lennox I feel you would enjoy this 😉😂

  19. Just as well when black cats are being less desirable due to being poor selfie companions.

  20. Kieran Young SENIOR pest control officer

  21. Nicolas Arnaud ca aurait pu être Joske 😂

  22. mouse-catching services 😍😂😂

  23. Siobhán Alex well deserved 🌟

  24. Lau Sierra ese gato es más exitoso qué uno mismo 😂

  25. Mice controlling officer got promoted.

  26. Omar Ziyadat من دون واسطة يا معلم

  27. Constanza Alejandra Dávila Mariana García Berrueta Lucia Filinich Martina Filinich Nanu GM hasta el gato tiene y trabajo y un ascenso 😭

  28. Aleya Bashar Noorul Bashar Anisa Bashar think its time badshah gets a job😂

  29. Uvena Yogarajah And then theres me

  30. George Wrench you mean frank

  31. Ayesha Amin Nigam youuuuu - Nirja Dutt Anupriya Roy