91 Shot Rally 🏓

91 Shot Rally 🏓

91 Shot Rally 🏓

Posted by SPORTbible April 14, 2018, 3 a.m.

Incredible! We thought it would never end! 🏓👏🙌

📹 International Table Tennis Federation

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  1. Hollie Lau you'd have a 92 shot rally, all with a mimosa in your hand

  2. Abz me and you back in the day

  3. Daniel Falco meh these lads are almost as good as you 😂😂

  4. rallying for that long when the whole time you could have hit one dropshot and won the point

  5. Just Simon
    Der rote hat ähnlich gute Tischkontrolle wie Du :)

  6. Jeol Ef too many power shots for my liking

  7. Kurtis Garvey that could be you in the red

  8. Loic Perret Fabien Salle j’ai trouvé mon maître de défence hahahaha

  9. Tom Hughes

    Some of our battles looked like this

  10. Danish Shakeel this could be us pr tuh say back hand khela nhin jata😪

  11. John Sharp do you think you would have a chance?

  12. Dave Juhas how I used to return all your smashes.

  13. we have done 91 shots Laura Turnbull but with alcohol😂

  14. Michel Dang never gonna happen with us

  15. Peter Horton the chip shot at its best

  16. Liam Thomas rare footage of margs garage.

  17. Mike Griffin pretty sure I'd smoke these guys

  18. Holger Stefanitsch so muss des ausgschaut haben wie wir zwei gspielt haben !!!!

  19. Ralf Schmidt Alexander Schmidt Für Mai bitte die Platte vorbereiten damit gespielt werden kann 👍😝

  20. Alexander Chen this is actually sick!

  21. Armando Eduardo Stefan Leferink 10:00 koffie halen en 11:00 sta je nog 0-0😂

  22. Stefanek Trs auf nem großen Tisch kann das ja jeder ...

  23. Jajajaa sias playo de fijo se fue a cambiar el brazo

  24. Shiv Achary could be us but u suck

  25. Quentin Noharet hâte de te battre ! Vivement l’été 😇

  26. Shaher Haj Ali مثلنا بالضبط لما كنا نلعب 😂😂

  27. Adrian Frančič skor kudr d bi naju gledau😂

  28. Max Laut fast wie bei uns letzte Woche 😂

  29. Reminds me of a young Edward McDonald-TipungThomas wearing down Billy Robbins shoulder

  30. Jorge Axel Maldonado Rodriguez me recordó cuando te hice pedazos

  31. Robbie Wearing in red me in yellow

  32. George Bastoli Andy Edwards this is like playing Nathan Pacanowski!

  33. Sylvain Danis leadership 2 😂😂😂

  34. Alejandro Cadenas Cairol we have had better ones

  35. Thor Fjalar Ingason Magnus Ingason Det e jo som å se dok to spela!

  36. Sreesha Nagaraj Pruthvi Shetty how it shud be played 😂

  37. Steffen Klein das warst doch du

  38. Korn Phasakorn โชว์ดู้วววว 555

  39. Florent Desmet tu te souviens ?

  40. Adrian Dellisola show your dad!

  41. Fast wie wir früher Stephan Schmelzle Toto Cretni 😂

  42. Andrés Obando, Luis Antonio Vega, Fabián Porras. Para la próxima.

  43. Antonio Bili Bilanović ovo ko ja i ti kad igramo

  44. Stephane Amir Elmadi Villeda Gina Paola Sarmiento

  45. Pierpaolo AquinoLuigi Di Nunno Marco Di Muro Michele Di Muro Giuseppe Leoneè difficile!